sneaky peek at my new illustrated book

'Ella Characters

Artwork Copyright © 2013 Lisa Lavoie 

It’s November, and as I can’t grow a mustache (nor do I believe that mustache’s cure cancer anymore than ribbons do…but I digress), the only other game in town was to write a book — a la NaNoWriMo. Even joined an official writing posse headed by the sassy writer-girl Lisa Lister.

So my first book is underway! The heroine is ‘ella (with an apostrophe) — sort of like Cinderella as she does lead a charmed life…but sans the ashes and the daft prince. She’s a little witch that lives in a 5th floor walk up in Manhattan with her sidekick Dougie (a baby dragon, although the neighbors think he is a chihuahua), her rag doll Sprinkles, Tallulah (a fairy godmother-ish thing) and Poppet (the tarot card-reading hand puppet who lives in a crystal ball).

Yesterday was a long, but exciting, day of auditions for the main characters —  despite the customary hiccoughs one would expect trying to herd baby dragons things went well and we now have a stunning and talented cast — can’t wait to see what they get up to!

13 Responses to sneaky peek at my new illustrated book

  1. Jillian says:

    You are now officially the most magically creative person I know. Everything about this is awesome!!

    • lisa says:

      I think I may change my tagline to “The most magically creative person Jillian knows”. For realz. <3

  2. Love your cast, wish I was Ella’s neighbour and next time I see a chihuahua I’ll look twice to see if it has wings and a little smoke.. :)
    Can’t wait to see this story unfold.

    Re Phil…good job he doesn’t live round here (France) I’d eat him… :) xx

  3. Joanne says:

    Your new book friends are marvelous…and now I can’t wait to hear and see more(insert drooling!)
    Not that we know one another, but I’ll be happy to say I watched you develop during mermaid seesions! When you’ve become incredibly famous , I can brag it up!! He he he

    Love your style Lisa!

  4. Lisa says:

    Lady – you are a freakin’ supertalent! Your illo’s are INCREDIBLE – I want everything you ever illustrate, just so you know.

  5. Kerry Sinigaglia says:

    Lisa, this is fantasmagorical. I love ALL of the characters,( I may have a soft spot for Tallulah, and and Dougie) . I can’t wait to see their stories unfold. It’s sure to be a hoot. You are a star.