i believe in magic. my life depends on it.

fairyI often daydream that I am a fairy — but I’m 5′ 8 & 3/4″ and have only strap-on fairy wings … soooo just as I will never be an air hostess in the ’60’s, I figured I would never actually be a fairy. Until it recently dawned on me that it is very likely that I am a direct descendant of Tinkerbell — as we have very similar physiology.

As you may remember— when Tinkerbell’s light was fading after being poisoned by the dastardly Captain Hook,  the only thing that could save her was the audience clapping their little hands off and wholeheartedly proclaiming their belief in fairies.

Turns out my chemistry works much the same way. When I forget about the magic, or stop believing,  or get poisoned by the nightly news cool-aid…or the bitchy voice in my head…or stuffed-crust pizza…or day-to-day mundane-ish-ness — my light fades. And the world gets really dark — I can’t see the light and I can’t shine my light. Sometimes it feels like my light will go out — perhaps forever.

At that point, a room full of small humans clapping their sticky little hands would come in handy — but also would mean being in a room full of small children…and, no. Just no. Not my bag, baby.

So, I have to find ways to remind myself to remind myself to believe.

Remembering that we all started out as tiny little mermaids swimming in our mom’s belly, pulling a tarot card that says exactly the right thing, sketching dancing hippos with tutus in coffee shops, putting on stripey socks, sitting under the crazy energy of a full moon, blowing bubbles and being mesmerized by how a bubble actually does bubble, the internet!…

All remind me that magic is everywhere.


I DO believe in magic — magic-wand magic and everyday magic. Do you?


3 Responses to i believe in magic. my life depends on it.

  1. Jillian says:

    I do! The world feels magical to me when I’m in my little studio. And in the bathtub, and when I’m out with good friends. Mostly when I’m taking photos in my studio. :-)

  2. danielle says:

    the magic is when i forget about every single thing (and that is a lot of single things) and just work it.