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Tutus and Tattoos

It’s crazy that I haven’t posted in a year, but it has also been a crazy year — so it all works out.

I’ve been busy combining my Personal Me, Doctor Me and Artist Me to design a full immersion 3-month program for helping girls-of-all-ages untangle from depression (or as I like to call it, The D-Word). Probably the most rewarding and exhausting thing I’ve done in my whole life. In case you didn’t know — depression isn’t a mental illness of the questionably sane. It just might be the sanest response ever.
Tutus and Tattoos
What else is new?
Come dance with me in my mini art class Tutus and Tattoos. Just $15USD.

Also, lots of new stuff in the shoppe. And more stuff going up today.

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carla sonheim’s year of the fairytale

Anything that includes the word fairytale seems like an automatic “Yesplease!” — but here is Fairytale Princess Carla herself to talk about her year-long adventure art class that starts January 20th.

You can get all the details on the course and how to sign up here.

And if you want to get a head start AND play with paper dolls — Carla made a fun free paper doll tutorial just for you!

Carla Sonheim is an illustrator and online art instructor known for using innovative exercises and techniques to help students of all levels embrace a more playful approach to creating art. She is the author of “Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists: 52 Creative Exercises to Make Drawing Fun” and “The Art of Silliness: A Creativity Book for Everyone.” Check out more of her world on her site here.

become the apprentice (sans Donald’s comb-over)


Want to know what to get me for Christmas? This course. Except I’m so excited about it that I’m already buying it for myself. So you can buy me thisthis, or this instead.

Brilliant concept, talented artists and a sweet price (early bird price is $48 for 9 weeks, 9 masters, 9 apprentices). Tripletastic win.

Studying Under the Masters course is about the lost art of studying the works of others to find your own style. All of the “masters” were first apprentices and were given the freedom to find their creative voice by literally sitting next to those who inspired them. The apprentice sat beside them, watching and listening and absorbing their process. And, with practice, the apprentice became a master in their own right – mixing together the old and the new.

Danielle Donaldson, Katie Kendrick, Stephanie Lee, Kate Thompson, Christy Tomlinson, Junelle Jacobsen,  Teresa Sheeley, Jenny Wentworth and Jeanne Oliver will apprentice under a “master artist” they admire. And also translate it in to their own style. And we (you and me) in turn get to soak up all the arty goodness of, basically, 18 artists.

BUT… that’s not all! (she says in her best Shamwow Guy voice)

If you sign up via Danielle Donaldson’s site you get the chance to be her private apprentice for a month!  This lady takes watercolor/ mixed media and makes it hip, sassy and enchanting. I’d pay at least triple the course price for the opportunity to look over her shoulder, crawl inside her watercolor mixing palette and eat her brain for a month. Details of exactly what she is offering for FREE to one lucky ducky are here.

Here’s one of Danielle’s tutu girls that I had to grab a few weeks ago because — well —tutu. Plus general fabulousness. Which I relate to.


(For full disclosure, I’m not getting any kickbacks or compensation for posting about this class —  just a super excited student. Although Danielle did promise me Class Pet status. So I’ve got that going for me.)

Here’s the link again for more details, to sign up for the course AND the only place to also win the chance to get Danielle to yourself for a month. Early bird pricing until Dec 14th — class starts Jan 14th.

Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist – there is nothing funner than feeling all artist-y…and this is the perfect course for that. An apprentice is total beginner’s mind territory.

Come wave paint brushes prophetically and drink pretend absinthe with me :)